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What people say about Advanced Mindcare:

  • “I feel more in control of my feelings and emotions and how I react to people and circumstances.”

  • “I highly recommend psychotherapists at Advanced Mindcare, as they are very caring, supportive and competent. I have experienced and carried trauma for many years, which interfered with my daily life. With EMDR, psychotherapy, neurofeedback and other effective techniques, I was able to let go the emotional burden associated with the past trauma and move on with my life.”

  • “I became more confident in the choices and decisions  I make. My self-esteem has dramatically increased.”

  • “I have learned effective techniques to cope with daily challenges without being quick to overact, get frustrated, anxious or depressed.”

  • “I am no longer shy. I am now assertive and know how to communicate my needs appropriately.”

  • “My wife never knew how to relax. Now she does. It would never be possible had she not sought neurofeedback, biofeedback, psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis.”

  • “I have finally been able to overcome a feeling of being stuck. I feel free and am more efficient in everything I do.”

  • “I always felt that my phobia was like a shadow following me everywhere. The good news is that it is over. I am no longer afraid and completely phobia-free.”

  • “I have gained a perspective regarding how to balance various roles I carry as a mother, wife, daughter and sister without getting stressed.”

  • “Neurofeedback is truly a cutting edge approach. Along with psychotherapy it has helped my daughter learn self-regulation. Now she functions much better than before.”

  • “I felt understood and empowered. I learned to reconnect with my inner self and now stay in tune with my emotions.”

  • “The combination and quality of services I received at Advanced Mindcare has made a big difference in improving all aspects of my life.”
  • “I overcame self-pity and learned self-respect. As a result, I have noticed improvement in my relationships with other people. I now feel respected by others as well.”

  • “Creativity has always been my son’s strengths, while focus and attention have been his weaknesses, especially with things that are boring. My son has finally learned to shift his focus and attention when necessary even with the boring stuff.”

  • “My son has no more outbursts. He can now communicate and problem solve with calmness. It sounds like a miracle. I could never imagine it would be possible, but it is.”

  • “We used to fight in my family all the time until we received guidance from experienced and caring professionals at Advanced Mindcare. After the fights and separation from my spouse, we are back together and our relationships are harmonious.”


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